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Xan Medical Fitness is insync with the therapy you are receiving on the Medical Clinic side. So many people suffer from the following types of pain. We utilize an effective 4 Stage Recovery System.


  • Back pain - If your back hurts, we’ll correct the misalignment, strengthen weak muscles and stretch the tight ones.  
  • Knees hurt - Let our physiotherapy bring power back to your knees. You WILL be able to bend, squat, garden and dance again!
  • Shoulders ache - Our shoulder program is incredibly effective. You’ll notice an increase of  your range of motion after the first visit. Improved function and better sleep will be your reward for hard work! 


For the past 5 years we’ve helped hundreds of patients recover from shoulder, back, hip and knee pain. Correcting muscle imbalances and restoring bio-mechanical function is our specialty. Our application of muscle movement has been applied to the full range of body types, from Olympic athletes to 75yr old retirees.


Our objective is to help you recover your strength and mobility. Many of our patients are referrals from Physical Therapists, Chiropractors and Massage therapists who care about their patients. We want to know what you’ve done with your body! From your toes to your nose…we will identify the root cause of pain and dysfunction and create a program to eliminate it!


This is much more than exercise. First we make sure your body is aligned and ready for exercise. Next, we take you through a specific program designed to strengthen your weaknesses and eliminate pain. Lastly, you'll receive specific stretching, massage and light therapy to help accelerate muscle recovery! 


If your bones are out of place, exercising makes it worse. So we must first realign your skeletal structure and joints. We accomplish this with a combination of stretching, gentle manipulation and targeted movement. 


Corrective Exercise

Now that your bones are aligned, we want to strengthen the weak muscles that are out of balance. Usually a few muscles are too strong and dominate how you function, causing pain and injury. Here we wake up the dormant muscles and restore balance. 


Assisted Stretching

After your workout, it is important to stretch the overly strong muscles. This will allow your body to reestablish pathways to focus on the weak muscles just exercised. Stretching reduces muscle soreness and speeds recovery.

Where are YOU on the Timeline?

Maybe you’re not sure when it began, but the pain is too much to ignore anymore!

You might have been told you need surgery, that it's too late to fix. We disagree.

We can help you out of pain.

Our sessions are 1 hour long. We take the time to understand what YOU need.  

Our system will bring your back and joints into alignment, restoring strength and fitness. 

Acute Pain Care

You're in pain...and need help now!

  • Sharp, Stabbing or shooting pain.
  • Can’t sleep, work or function.
  • Movement triggers spasms of pain.
  • Pain is affecting every aspect of life.
  • Urgent care is needed to avoid pain pills or surgery.

Recovery Care

You're recovering but still fragile!

  • Dull ache with periodic spikes of pain.
  • Sporadic sleep patterns.
  • Still feel weak and fragile.
  • Able to return to work, but full days are hard.
  • Treatment is best 2x a week until strength recovers.

Fitness Recovery

You're ready to restore fitness and energy!

  • Issue is 90% gone and rarely painful.
  • Strength is returning, but some movements feel risky.
  • Getting good sleep now.
  • Posture is improving and looking strong.
  • Able to work a full day and NOT feel exhausted.
  • Household tasks and projects don’t feel overwhelming.
  • Treatment is best 1x a week, assuming you exercise 1-2x on your own each week.

Schedule a Medical Fitness Consultation

The next step in the process is scheduling your consultation with an Alan. After listening to your concerns and reviewing your history, all therapeutic options will be reviewed with you.

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